Position control module


Machine vision systems that assure perfect blank position in the mold are essential.


Main benefits:


  • Assuring a high quality product. Press only closes with blank in correct position.


  • Improves line availability and productivity.


  • Detection of broken centering pins.


  • Eliminates 100% of human visual control tasks.



Control tools:


  • Blank presence


  • Centering pins presence


  • Blank position


  • Double blank format



Technical Specifications:


  • Image acquisition with IR filters on high-sensitivity monochrome cameras.


  • Two cameras for each mold offer sufficient field of view while component positioning keeps press movement area clear and does not penalize press cycle time.


  • Not affected by changes of ambient lighting conditions.


  • IP67 protection class for all relevant components.


  • Protection housings against mechanical impact.


  • Fast and easy edition and creation of new recipes and references.


  • Automatic recipe selection by communication with the press PLC.


  • Addition of new controls, modifiable thresholds and tolerances.


  • Offline change-log for verification of changes and new configurations.