Thermal control module


HOT offers an “in-feeding” inspection that permits data acquisition and control just in the moment the blank is positioned in the mold and previous to the stamping process itself. It also allows part control just when the part is expulsed from the mold.



Main advantages:


  • Blank temperature data exactly from the moment of pressing.


  • Temperature distribution of the resulting part.


  • Maximum and minimum temperatures of the blank or finished part, hot-spots or regions of interest.


  • Registration and putting into relation of press data and inspection values.



Control tools:


  • Hot Spots


  • Max, min and median temperatures


  • Poligon-formed ROIs


  • Part and ROI tracking


  • Emisivity map


  • Compliance rates


  • ...




Technical specifications:


  • Image capture in the thermal infrared spectrum.


  • Correction of emissivity according to material: Usibor, Boron or Ductibor.


  • Defineable ROI for compound blanks: TWB, TRB or patchwork.


  • Calibration of equipment in special operation range of 50 to 900ºC.


  • +/- 5% error margin on measurement values.


  • IP67 protection class for all relevant components.


  • Protective housing against physical shock and collisions.


  • Fast and easy edition and creation of new references.


  • Allows addition of distinct points like Hot Spots.


  • Configurable control areas, regions of interest, for max and min temperature controls.


  • Modification of tolerances and temperatures.


  • Offline history for verifying changes and new references.