Perimeter and principal structure:

Detections of missing parts of the pallet or alien objects.

  • Alien objects in the perimeter of the pallet and any other not desired object that might interfere with correct usability.
  • Missing material due to breakout of structural parts.

Anti-sliding knobs:

  • Rubber knobs are mounted to the pallet in order to prevent the keg from sliding off. Presence of the anti-sliding rubber knobs is verified by the sytem.

Centering knobs:

  • Missing or cut centering knobs can not hold the keg safely on the pallet, thus their presence and goog state needs to be controlled.

Bottom part inspection:

  • On the bottom part of the pallet structural integrity may be inspected via different technologies:
    • Camera inspection, like top part
    • Ultrasound inspection
    • Mechanical sensing


  • The inspection result is shown on the GUI as a graphical representation, also for non-imaging technologies.

External elements:

Efficient detection of external elements that might disturb the automatic precessing of the pallets, like shrink foil or similar..