Runtime monitor screen


It’s composed of three main parts:First one offers a view of the point cloud in real time (point cloud is updated every trigger). Second provides the global system alarms overview and the third shows the OK and NOK statistical counters.

What is Pin Ispector?


Pin Inspector is a 3D inspection system which verifies all main geometric dimensions on electrical connectors (e.g. pins presence/absence, wobble circle, heights, distances and alignments), providing an evaluation if an electrical component fulfills (or not) all requirements given by the user.

Recipes editor screen

recipesw editor screen-vo

Quality and accuracy assurance are closely related to the quality of the user configured recipes attributes. For that reason, the user interface has a specifically designed area where user can set-up all the tools with their respective features and tolerances through drag and draw. Besides, users can check the recipes with real process data using a temporal test.

How does Pin Inspector do it?


With stereo or fringe tri-dimensional image acquisition a point cloud representation of the electrical connector is extracted. Robust mathematical algorithms calculate pin’s geometric dimensions. Additional 2D processing is mandatory in order to decrease and correlate the real process incertitude’s.

Intuitive user interface


The command console user interface is custom-designed to conform to the highest and most demanding industrial companies real process needs. The interface that offers maximum ease in usability is the result of long-term testing done on true industrial processes, where users’ feedback is our main input.

Historical monitor screen


Responding to information management’s increasing importance in Industry 4.0-environments, Pin Inspector’s interface includes a traceability-module. It saves all relevant data and images and moreover offers re-processing options on historical data. A custom-designed database makes CRUD functions available and user-created recipes can be executed on true process data.